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AOL Broadband

Broadband Provider URL Telephone
AOL broadband -

Visit: AOL

0800 279 9327

Broadband Deal
Cost per month
Length Months
Broadband Silver2MB14.99Unlimited12Free wireless router, free connection & one month free when you order online
Broadband Platinum8MB29.99Unlimited12Free wireless router, free connection & one month free when you order online

Join AOL and also get free anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, pop-up blockers, parental controls and free McAfee Firewall protection.

Average User Ratings out of 10:
4.1 out of 10
4.0 out of 10
4.3 out of 10

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More about AOL

News relating to AOL
AOL launches no-contract broadband deal - 6th March 2008

AOL Broadband free laptop offer has full launch - 6th September 2007

AOL follow Orange and offer free laptop - 23rd July 2007

AOL implement "Fair Use" policy - 4th January 2007

The Carphone Warehouse buy AOL (UK) - 12th October 2006

AOL & Tiscali both looking to sell up - 25th September 2006

AOL now offering free wireless router - 12th July 2006

Orange & Sky in bid to get AOL - 3rd July 2006

BT to pull bid for AOL and leaves way for Sky - 16th June 2006

BT or BSkyB look favourite to get AOL - 13th June 2006


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