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If you are looking for broadband and phone packages then you have a few different options that you can take a look at.

First off, for those who are unsure what broadband and phone packages are they are basically a combination of a home telephone service and also a broadband connection provided by the same provider, also known as Dual Play.

Most broadband providers only supply a broadband deal and not also offer telephone services, there are however a few companies who can offer you alternative telephone services and broadband deals as a complete deal.

Telephone & Broadband Provider
talktalk telephone and broadband
Virgin Media telephone and broadband
Tiscali talk and broadband

One of the main reason why people choose to move to a different telephone provider is the cost aspect, if you find that you are paying more than you would like for your telephone services then there are other telephone providers who could maybe offer you a cheaper service and save on your bills.

There are a number of alternative telephone and broadband package providers, such as HomeChoice, HomeCall, TalkTalk, OneTel, Virgin Media and Tiscali.

Reasons to change to a combined broadband and telephone provider are that if you do take a combined telephone and broadband deal then you may make even more savings than if you just took one of the services available. It can also make managing bills easier as you may just be billed once a month instead of receiving bills for 2 separate services.

Also you can get Quad play services from Virgin Media that combines broadband, telephone and television

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If I change telephone provider do I keep the same telephone number?
Yes, when or if you change telephone provider you can keep the same telephone number.
There is something to be aware of though, providers such as OneTel or TalkTalk use the same telephone line as your current telephone supplier so there is no need to do anything, your telephone number will stay the same with you not having to do a thing.

If you choose to go with a supplier such as Virgin Media who use a new direct access telephone number you can have a choice of either having a new telephone number or you can request to keep your existing telephone number and they will be able to sort getting it ported over from your current telephone provider to their service.

Why change phone provider?
The main reason people change telephone provider is for cheaper calls, you may also get some other little extras such as free voicemail but the main reason is because of the cost and savings on phone bills. Also if you are getting a bad service with one provider you may change to get an improved service.

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