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Broadband availability

It is very quick and easy to check if you are able to get broadband in your area. We have a free broadband checker tool that will tell you if your exchange has been enabled. This tool is free and very simple to use.

Most areas are now available to receive broadband and many places are also able to receive fibre broadband.

You simply have to enter your telephone number or post code when you use our broadband availability checker and we will check to see if your local exchange has broadband enabled (we don't save or use your telephone number or post code for anything else).

Use our free broadband checker to see broadband availability in your area.

If you can't get broadband in your area then you an check to see if mobile broadband is available in your area, as mobile broadband is delivered from the mobile phone network operators they tend to have most of the UK covered with a network coverage.

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