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Our Broadband Help Guide section should hopefully help answer all your questions about broadband related issues. Any that are not then if you inform us about them in the forum we will try to get them answered for you as quickly as possible!

For starters we have made a simple guide entitled "What is Broadband, Beginners guide", basically it does exactly as it says on the tin. It tells you what broadband is and what the basic set up for broadband in your home would be.

We next have a guide to do with individual parts of the broadband set up, these go slightly into a bit more detail so if you have any problems that need a more specific answer then you may find them here. We have covered Routers, Modems, Micro Filters (Splitters) & Set Up.

Monitor Downloads

Contention Ratio What is contention ratio and how does it effect your broadband

Do you need a BT line for broadband

What does ADSL stand for | What does SDSL stand for

ADSL2+ Even faster broadband with speed up to 24mb

Fibre To The Home (FTTH) is Fibre Optic Cable from the telephone exchange to the Home and allows broadband speed of 100Mb and can be installed to replace existing copper wires. Fibre broadband is what is considered to be the Next Generation of Broadband.

Length of broadband contract | Pay as you go broadband

How to check broadband availability

Broadband Checker Check the availability of broadband in your area or for your specific house

Find my IP Address Check to see what IP Address your computer is currently using

Online Gaming | WiFi Max

Can I use internet & telephone together

Voip, Voice over Internet Protocol Find out about the new way to make voice calls over the Internet

Broadband Security Ways to keep your computer safe while using broadband

Do I need broadband

Can you use a dial-up modem for broadband

What speed broadband to get How fast do you actually want your broadband to be? Check out our guide for different broadband speeds, you can also use our broadband speed tester tool to see what broadband speed you get

What is a modem

Broadband bandwidth usage limits What are usage limits with broadband

Broadband Fair usage policy How fair usage policy's could slow or affect your unlimited broadband connection

What is broadband TV | IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

Broadband Radio Find out about Internet radio and how it works

Dial up Internet

Moving House If you are moving house find out how to transfer your broadband

Upgrading broadband What to do if you want to upgrade your broadband deal or how to get a free upgrade

Cancel broadband Find out how to terminate your broadband contract and what it involves

Change broadband providers Guide to changing broadband providers

"MAC" Migration Authority Code

Broadband Internet Error Codes List of error codes and the meanings

BT Wholesale Who and what BT wholesale do

Broadband speed test Free speed download checkers

Cheap broadband There is plenty of cheap broadband deals available, see why broadband prices are dropping

Broadband Suppliers UK broadband suppliers, which to choose and what to look for in a supplier

Free Broadband free offers and deals with broadband

Broadband Support The best way to get support for your broadband issues and problems

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) What Local Loop Unbundling is and what it involves

Local telephone exchange What your local telephone exchanges function is and how it works

What is DSLAM

What is PSTN

Broadband running slow Reasons and things to look out for if your broadband is running slower than usual

Broadband Extras This section contains information about extra services that are opened up and made available by having broadband

DACS telephone line Find out what DACS (Digital Access Carrier System) is and how it can effect Internet and broadband

Business Broadband

Mobile broadband is an increasingly popular form of broadband that allows you the use of broadband from just about anywhere in the UK, you can also find out who the different mobile broadband providers are

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