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The news archives of all the published news articles from Broadband Watchdog with the latest news listed first and older articles going down the page

UK broadband speeds increase with latest speed test results
Date: 2nd June 2009

7 million in the UK download illegally
Date: 2nd June 2009

Funds handed out for 10Gb broadband research
Date: 18th May 2009

Virgin Media to expand fibre network by 500,000
Date: 13th May 2009

Actual broadband speeds less than half the advertised speed
Date: 13th May 2009

Email wars between Virgin Media and BT
Date: 12th May 2009

UK broadband connections hit 17 million
Date: 8th May 2009

UK average broadband speed passes 4Mb
Date: 8th May 2009

Tiscali UK broadband to be bought by The Carephone Warehouse
Date: 8th May 2009

Virgin Media broadband trial 200Mb broadband
Date: 7th May 2009

O2 Broadband tops the satisfaction charts again
Date: 1st May 2009

T-Mobile WiFi HotSpots installed into Virgin trains
Date: 28th April 2009

BT launch cheapest UK home and mobile broadband deal
Date: 27th April 2009

250 million digital switchover surplus to be spent on broadband
Date: 24th April 2009

100Mb FTTH should be the aim and not 40Mb FTTC
Date: 24th April 2009

Carphone Warehouse to buy Tiscali UK?
Date: 24th April 2009

55% think 2Mb broadband is too slow
Date: 21st April 2009

Broadband growth slowing as UK hits 17.4 million subscribers
Date: 17th April 2009

Tiscali broadband customers could find broadband switched off
Date: 16th April 2009

1 in 4 claim to have received broadband usage warning
Date: 14th April 2009

160Mb broadband in Japan
Date: 7th April 2009

Fibre optic cable damage in East London stops broadband
Date: 6th April 2009

Average world wide broadband speed is 1.5Mb
Date: 1st April 2009

Prodigy Internet shut down by BT Wholesale
Date: 1st April 2009

UK Broadband satisfaction low but O2 broadband shine through
Date: 31st March 2009

An Orange & Apple help your mobile broadband
Date: 27th March 2009

Mobile broadband to hit 1 billion subscribers by 2013
Date: 24th March 2009

Virgin to offer 150Mb fibre broadband
Date: 24th March 2009

BT's first Super-Fast fibre broadband locations announced
Date: 23rd March 2009

BBC to help fund fibre broadband
Date: 13th March 2009

T-Mobile now tops mobile broadband charts
Date: 11th March 2009

Virgin mobile broadband tops charts
Date: 11th March 2009

Win 1 of 1,000 mobile broadband Dongles from 3
Date: 9th March 2009

Sky to pull out of Tiscali buy out
Date: 9th March 2009

Orange to trial 20Mb broadband upgrade
Date: 9th March 2009

League table of broadband providers speed to be published
Date: 9th March 2009

Virgin to give free upgrade to 10Mb for 2Mb customers
Date: 3rd March 2009

BT to get the go-ahead for fibre optic broadband
Date: 2nd March 2009

Broadband Britain is 10 years old
Date: 25th February 2009

Broadband accounts for 95% of internet connections
Date: 23rd February 2009

T-Mobile Broadband is the fastest mobile broadband
Date: 2nd February 2009

Everyone to have 2Mb broadband by 2012
Date: 30th January 2009

Fibre broadband company H20 Networks change name to i3 Group
Date: 30th January 2009

Mobile broadband providers to get 3G license deal
Date: 28th January 2009

16Mb speeds for Vodafone mobile broadband test
Date: 23rd January 2009

100Mb Fibre broadband live in March
Date: 19th January 2009

Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadband
Date: 15th December 2008

Ofcom rules for more accurate broadband speeds
Date: 5th December 2008

Internet connections down for the first time in the UK
Date: 28th November 2008

Main BBC TV channels on iPlayer
Date: 28th November 2008

Main BBC TV channels to stream live on iPlayer
Date: 20th November 2008

BT shareholders may want to stall on Fibre broadband rollout
Date: 19th November 2008

Virgin 50Mb broadband trial in Warrington
Date: 17th November 2008

Broadband Bills Decreased by Over 13% over Past Year
Date: 7th November 2008

Fancy Free Broadband for your Business from Orange
Date: 7th November 2008

O2 Listens to Its Consumers and changes Mobile broadband
Date: 31st October 2008

Be Broadband slowed by chopped fibre cable
Date: 24th October 2008

Fibre To The Cabinet trials in 2009 at 2 locations
Date: 17th October 2008

Iplate to increase broadband speeds
Date: 2nd October 2008

TMobile broadband cut to 2 per day
Date: 23rd September 2008

Sky Broadband Max removes "Fair Use Policy"
Date: 16th September 2008

Fibre broadband could cost up to 28.8 billion
Date: 9th September 2008

86% of Internet connections are broadband
Date: 3rd September 2008

Vodafone trial new mobile broadband in Reading
Date: 27th August 2008

Shoppers use mobile broadband devices while out shopping
Date: 26th August 2008

Mobile broadband replacing fixed line broadband
Date: 19th August 2008

Mobile broadband dongle sales nearly double in 5 months
Date: 15th August 2008

Orange Mobile broadband launch Eee PC laptop offer
Date: 14th August 2008

Three mobile broadband speeds to increase
Date: 13th August 2008

Orange to launch Pay as you go Mobile broadband
Date: 8th August 2008

Be Broadband launch 888 campaign
Date: 7th August 2008

Free O2 home broadband with Mobile broadband
Date: 5th August 2008

BT release latest broadband figures
Date: 31st July 2008

BPI and leading broadband providers sign agreement on illegal file sharing
Date: 30th July 2008

Mobile broadband in cars
Date: 24th July 2008

Tiscali start legal proceedings against BT Broadband
Date: 24th July 2008

Free laptops with Three mobile broadband
Date: 18th July 2008

Vodafone mobile broadband to be built into laptops
Date: 16th July 2008

BT to spend 1.5bn on Fibre
Date: 15th July 2008

Tesco most reliable broadband provider for delivering emails
Date: 3rd July 2008

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