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Broadband Radio or better known as "Internet Radio" is radio that can be listened to and streamed from the internet/broadband to your computer.

Not all broadband radio stations have a traditional radio station to accompany it and many are exclusively online only.

One reason why Internet radio is growing in popularity is that you are not locked to listen to specific radio stations simply because of what area or country you live in. Internet radio lets users from all over the world listen to the same radio stations. So someone living in Australia could listen a a UK based radio station, this can prove extremely popular with people who have moved to live in a different country and like to hear what is going on "back home" or just like something they recognize.

Also, Internet radio allows people to learn and listen to other cultures via live radio that can be great for learning.

With wireless Internet also becoming more popular you can also buy portable radios that have wireless built in so you can stream radio from the Internet to play out of the portable radio. This opens up even more flexibility to broadband radio so users don't have to play the radio out of the computer speakers but can use a portable radio to play.

Check out our free broadband radio guide for links to listen to broadband radio online.

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