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If you think that your broadband is not running as fast as it usually does then there could be a number of possible explanations or reasons.

First off you can try running a broadband speed test that will give an indication at what speed your broadband is running at.

If your broadband provider has a service and support page or telephone line then it is worth either looking at the page or ringing the number and see if they have any reported problems that could explain the reason why your broadband is not running as fast.

Another explanation that affects some broadband users are "fair usage policies" that in some cases reduce the speed a user can connect to broadband with. This is usually applied to users who over use their bandwidth allowance (it must be noted though that even on some unlimited bandwidth deals fair usage policies still exist).

Are you using P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs? If so then try turning the file sharing program off, as file sharing programs use up allot of bandwidth some broadband providers limit the speed you can use the internet if you are using file sharing programs. If you turn off the file sharing program and your broadband speed goes back to normal then it is an indication that maybe your broadband provider does restrict your broadband access if you are using file sharing programs. A idea would be to only use the file sharing programs when you are not trying to use the Internet for other things.

If none of the above apply then there is a chance you may have a virus on your computer. A computer virus is likely to not just slow your broadband and Internet down but your computer too. If you find that not only is your broadband running slower but you notice that your computer is a bit more sluggish or notice that you have corrupt files or programs are not opening then you may well have a computer virus. Another way to check as an indicator of a possible virus is if you do not use your computer and notice lights still flashing such as the hard drive light on the computer terminal. If this is the case you should make sure you have the latest version of your anti virus (if you don't have any anti virus software then check out our guide to free anti virus software) and run a full scan on your computer.

One other possibility is that you may have got Spyware (adware & scumware are also names used). Adware are is caused by programs infecting your computer without you knowing in many cases. Quite often you will get adware installed on your computer on the back of you downloading another program. The adware then targets adverts when you surf the Internet and causes pop ups and adverts on your screen. To combat this it is worth getting protection against adware in the forum of free programs that can stop adware programs infecting and ruining your computer.

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