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Broadband Speed Test

A broadband speed test for those that are unsure what it is is a simple test that can work out your broadband connection speed. It will give you an idea at how fast your broadband is performing by doing a download and upload broadband speed test.

Use our free broadband speed test to check your broadband speed

Broadband Speed testHow broadband speed tests work is they require you to stop performing any other tasks on your computer that may use your broadband connection (this is to help give a more accurate reading because if you are downloading a file already then your broadband connection cannot use it's full resources giving you an accurate reading on the broadband speed test).

Once you have stopped any Internet activity on the computer you can start the broadband speed test, this is usually done by clicking a button to start the test, a file will then be downloaded and the speed in which it is downloaded will be used to work out your broadband speed.
After this an upload test is performed to work out the speed your broadband connection uploads information at (the upload is usually much slower than the download because most people download information form the Internet as opposed to uploading).

A speed test is good tool to use if you are unsure what connection you are getting and also to help if you feel your broadband is not running as quick as it should be.

Another good use for broadband speed test is that broadband providers in many cases offer broadband connections up to the fastest that is available in your location, so for different people this may range from 1Mb to 8Mb, a broadband speed test will give you a good indication what speed you are receiving.

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