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Broadband speedSo, how fast do you want to go. How quick do you actually want your broadband to be?!

To start with we will create a table that will list a few values and how they relate to standard dial up internet.

Speed How much quick than Dial Up
Dial Up - 56Kbps
Standard broadband - 512Kbps 10 times faster than Dial up
1Mb broadband 20 times faster than Dial up
2Mb broadband 40 times faster than Dial up
4Mb broadband 80 times faster than Dial up
8Mb broadband 160 times faster than Dial up
24Mb broadband | ADSL2+ 480 times faster than Dial up
50Mb broadband | Fibre Broadband  

As you can see broadband speed leaves dial up standing. With many broadband providers now making 8Mb the standard that they give to users for the same price that users used to get standard broadband the reasons to get broadband are there just based on the speeds!
Broadband MAX is also a term that is widely used now by many providers with regards to their fastest broadband deals.

For the fastest broadband you need to look at Fibre broadband such as what is on offer from Virgin broadband, currently the fastest broadband that they offer is 50Mb broadband.

To check what speed broadband you have you can run broadband speed tests that will indicate your broadband download speed.

Check your broadband speed with our broadband speed test.

You can compare offers for the specific speeds by selecting the speed from the table above, alternatively if you just want to compare broadband providers then use our comparison tool.

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