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Broadband - Broadband Providers - BT Broadband (BTBroadband)

BT Broadband

Broadband Provider URL Telephone
BT broadband -

Visit: BT

0800 800 150

Broadband Deal
Cost per month
Length Months
Option 18MB17.992GB18First 6 months only 9.95 per month. Free Evening and Weekend UK BT Broadband Talk calls, 250 free WiFi minutes every month. Free router & connection
Option 28MB22.996GB12First 3 months only 14.99 per month. Free Evening and Weekend UK BT Broadband Talk calls, 250 free WiFi minutes every month. Free BT Home Hub & connection
Option 38MB26.9940GB12First 3 months only 22.99 per month. Free Evening and Weekend UK BT Broadband Talk calls, 250 free WiFi minutes every month. Free BT Home Hub and handset & connection

BT Broadband offers free anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, pop-up blockers, parental controls and free McAfee Firewall protection. BT Broadband offers free calls & WiFi minutes with their BT Total broadband packages. Useful BT Broadband Links: - BT Mail

Useful BT Broadband Links:
- BT Home Hub information and guide to what the Home Hub is an dhow to set it up.
BT Mail

Average User Ratings out of 10:
4.5 out of 10
4.5 out of 10
4.3 out of 10

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More about BT

BT Broadband are the largest UK broadband provider and have over 4 million broadband customers (view story). The UK as a whole has 15 million broadband customers and BT say that 11.5 million of these are connected via BTs network.

BT Broadband have also topped a customer experience chart based on technical performance (view story) for 5 quarters in a row.

Broadband is fast becoming one of BTs most important services. BT Total Broadband and the recently released BT Home Hub is allowing BT to offer customers the chance to get their main communication services all through one device, such as BT Fusion (a way to bring mobile phone, VoIP and Wi-Fi together), BT Vision (digital television service), home phone, video phone and wireless broadband.

BT are also now installing a new next-generation fibre optic broadband network in the UK which they have called BT Infinity. The BT Infinity network will offer fibre broadband connections to 10 million UK homes by 2012 with most having an up to broadband download speed of 40Mb.

News relating to BT Broadband
Actual broadband speeds less than half the advertised speed - 13th May 2009

Email wars between Virgin Media and BT - 12th May 2009

BT launch cheapest UK home and mobile broadband deal - 27th April 2009

Broadband Britain is 10 years old - 25th February 2009

Tiscali start legal proceedings against BT Broadband - 24th July 2008

UK Broadband subscriptions drop again - 7th November 2007

Post Office broadband can be paid by cash - 24th October 2007

BT and FON join up to offer free Wi-Fi - 8th October 2007

BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone - 4th September 2007

Sky profits down due to broadband - 27th July 2007

BT Broadband top performance chart again - 19th July 2007

BT Vision launch on 4th December - 29th November 2006

The Carphone Warehouse buy AOL (UK) - 12th October 2006

BT launch "BT Home IT Visit" support service - 26th September 2006

BT profits rise despite broadband competition - 27th July 2006

ntl:Telewest launch first Quad Play service with Virgin Mobile - 25th July 2006

BT Broadband comes top in study - 17th July 2006

Orange & Sky in bid to get AOL - 3rd July 2006

BT Total Broadband to fight back in "broadband war" - 20th June 2006

70% of UK internet connections are via broadband - 31st May 2006


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