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BT Home Hub is a device that BT want to get installed into all homes so that BT can then play an integral role in supplying home communication services all through one box.

BT Home HubThe BT Home Hub offers a number of different functions, including:
- Wireless broadband router
- Telephone calls. Allows internet calls with either a BT Home Hub phone, a standard telephone or a Digital telephone.
- Video Phone
- BT Fusion mobile brings mobile, VoIP calls and Wi-Fi together
- Digital TV from BT Vision

What is included when I order a BT Home Hub?
1 BT Home Hub
1 Broadband cable (grey ends)
1 converter (green end)
1 power cable
1 ethernet cable (yellow end)
1 USB cable (blue ends)
2 Microfilters

The BT Home Hub is free when you sign up for BT Total Broadband Options 2 and 3 or at a cost of £30 if Option 1 is ordered.

Other than the standard Home Hub a BT Hub Phone can also be attached to the front of it (as seen in the image below).
This BT Hub Phone costs £49.99 when BT Broadband Options 1 and 2 are ordered or it is included free with Option 3 (providing BT Broadband Talk is also opted into).

Black BT Home Hub with Hub Phone
(Image taken from the BT Broadband site)

I want a Limited Edition Black BT Home Hub
In the above image you can see what the new Limited Edition Black BT Home Hub looks like. The standard colour for the Home Hub is white. The black Home Hub is only available for online orders and not available over the phone.

How to Set up the BT Home Hub (A more detailed guide can be found here)
1. All devices in your home that connects to the telephone line needs to have a microfilter attached to it. This includes telephones, answering machines, digital TV boxes (freeview, sky), fax machines, extension bells, alarm systems.

2. Open the back of the Home Hub by pinching the two clips on the back.

3. Plug the broadband cable (the one with grey ends) into the Home Hubs broadband socket and then the other end into the microfilter that should be plugged into the telephone socket.

4. Plug power cable into the Home Hub and also into a plug socket and turn on the power.

5. Close the back of the Home Hub back up (it is important that you do not connect the Home Hub to the computer until you are required to later in the set up procedure)

6. After a couple of minutes the Broadband light should be on or flashing.

7. It is advised that you should now wait an hour before you continue to set up the BT Home Hub (do NOT turn it off in this time though). The hour wait is to help figure out the fastest broadband speed the Home Hub can receive.

8. The Broadband light should still be lighted up green and the Internet light is is green or flashing. Wireless should be turned on on the computer/laptop if you plan to connect via Wi-Fi.

9. Put the BT Total Broadband CD into the computer and follow the setup on screen.

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