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BT British TelecomBritish Telecom (BT) is one of the leading communications providers in the world
and not just the UK.

Formed in 1849 the "British Electric Telegraph Company"

BT serves more than 20 million business and residential customers in the UK and has more than 4 million broadband customers using their BT Broadband service with over 11.5 broadband customers connecting via the BT network.

For details about BT Broadband deals please visit the BTBroadband page or check out BT Broadband Talk for VoIP deals from BT.

BT have their new BT Home Hub which allows them to bring many BT services together through one device in the home, including, wireless Internet, telephone, mobile and digital TV.

BT are aiming to have 10 million UK homes connected to their fibre optic network by 2012. They have named the fibre network BT Infinity which will aim to be delivering broadband at speeds of up to 40Mb.

BT official site.

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