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Business broadband is available from many broadband providers. One of the main reasons to get business broadband are for the support offered, You might find that you pay extra for business broadband but the support you are offered if you need it will be substantially better!

Also with Business broadband you may receive larger bandwidth usage levels than standard home broadband and also get reduced contention ratios compared to standard home broadband.

With broadband availability increasing across the UK the option to allow workers to work from home has started to take off. The ability of workers to work from home can create a much better work/life balance with traveling times and transport costs reduced or completely stopped.

A huge advantage with business broadband is also the option with many to allow home workers to connect to the offices network from so files can be shared easily and work done from home (meaning that employees can work from home which can mean reduced costs in the office and a more productive work force in many cases). So if you want to allow workers to work from home then this is a very viable option!

Business broadband also gives you the option of making VoIP calls (Voice over Internet Protocol) that can work out much cheaper than standard telephone calls and especially long distance calls money can be saved!

Obviously the size of a business and the use of the internet is going to have a big factor in what business broadband package is chosen, a business with 2 employees are likely to need a completely different package to one that has 100 employees!

Security with any business is very important, so when you choose your business broadband deal you should check what security measures you will be offered, especially if you are allowing home working. You need to make sure your business broadband is set up securely to avoid any security risks such as viruses and hackers.

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