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With the use of Fibre Optics, Cable broadband can deliver the fastest broadband in the UK.

Cable BroadbandCable broadband is a popular choice for receiving broadband in the UK. The main supplier of cable broadband in the UK is Virgin Media and they are able to supply digital TV, telephone & broadband Internet all through 1 cable (triple play) meaning also that all the bills can be done together instead of having to pay separately for each different one.

One of the biggest problems with cable is it's availability. Although cable coverage across the UK has increased hugely over the years there are still areas where cable is still not available so you will need to check cable availability if you want to get it installed.

Currently the largest cable broadband provider is Virgin Media broadband and have coverage of 50% of UK homes and 85% of UK businesses that they are able to supply cable to. Currently the fastest cable broadband that Virgin Media can offer is 50Mb broadband.

Cable broadband uses fibre optic cable which offers much faster broadband speeds than are available from ADSL broadband. Fibre broadband is becoming increasingly more popular and it is expected that the UK will choose fibre broadband for the next generation of broadband.

Cable Broadband UK Cable Broadband from 10Mb up to 50Mb starting at just £5 per month. View Cable Broadband Deals here


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