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If you have decided you want to change your broadband provider either because you have found one with a better deal that suits your needs better or because your current provider isn't reliable enough then there is a process you should follow to make the change as simple and also to try and take out any chance of interruption to your broadband access.

Change broadband providerMost of the leading UK broadband providers have signed up to a code of practice that they use to help with customers who might change broadband providers. It is aimed at reducing and ideally making there no downtime to your broadband service in the switch over of broadband providers.

What you need to do when you want to change broadband providers is get a "MAC" code. The "MAC" code stands for "Migration Authority Code" and you can request of from your current broadband provider.
What is important to remember is to make sure that you DO NOT CANCEL your current broadband provider when you get this "MAC" code as this could result in your phone being disconnected from broadband and you not having continuous broadband access until a new broadband provider has been selected and they have gone through and set up your account.

Once you have you "MAC" code you need to give this to your new broadband provider when you are signing up, from this they can then organize the migration of services to avoid any loss of service between the switch. They should also make sure your old broadband provider stops billing you once the switch has taken place but you should make sure this happens so you don't get billed from 2 broadband providers.

When you contact your broadband provider and ask them for your MAC code you may well find that your broadband provider may try and make things difficult for you and trying to get you to stay with their service. Hopefully this will not be the case and as with most businesses they don't want to lose customers.
If you do find it difficult and you are definitely going to change then just be firm and tell them you want the MAC code.

Here at Broadband Watchdog we are trying to encourage broadband providers to let customers get their MAC code online to make switching as easy as possible.
For the broadband providers who understand some customers prefer to make the switch online we are going to compile a list of broadband providers who respect their customers freedom of choice and who do allow their customers to get their MAC code online.

Those providers will then be featured for everyone to see who is actively trying to help customers at our Online MAC supporters campaign pages.

Changing broadband providers, easy guide
1 - Request a "MAC" code from your current broadband provider (make sure you DON'T CANCEL this broadband provider yet)
2 - Sign up for your new broadband provider and supply them with the "MAC" code.
3 - Wait for your service to be migrated, this can take about a week to complete.

UK Broadband Watchdog
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