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Here at Broadband Watchdog we have a dedicated team to run the site, this includes 6 content and news writers. Each of the team keeps their ear to the ground to make sure we can deliver you with all the latest broadband news and goings on with broadband in the UK and what is happening with broadband providers throughout the country.

We are also striving to make sure all the latest new technology and advances are reported to you so you can be sure to know what is going on and what is going to happen as soon as we know.

We all come from a range of different backgrounds to the broadband industry and we hope that through this our knowledge and expertise we can deliver this news to you.

Name: Mark Ward
Position: Editor
Age: 27
About: Mark is the founder and developer of Broadband Watchdog which started development on 1st January 2006.
Mark looks after the development & maintenance of the site and also moderates the forum and is one of the news authors.

Name: Rob Cook
Position: Assistant Editor
Age: 36
About: Rob
is the managing director of his own company but is also an assistant editor to the news of Broadband Watchdog. He is an expert in literacy and used to run his own proof reading company.

Name: Lucy Dunkerley
Position: Researcher & contributor
Age: 29
About: Lucy is a researcher and news contributor to the site.

Name: Sheri Lea
Position: Researcher & contributor
Age: 23
About: Sheri is another of the news contributors to the Broadband Watchdog site.

Name: Tony Ward
Position: Researcher of offers and deals.

Name: Ruth Ward
Position: Customer service

We also employ a range of freelance writers who are informed on the broadband industry.

Broadband Watchdog

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