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Dial Up Internet was the standard that most people used when the internet started out. Dial Up Internet no longer gets more users signing up for it compared to broadband as the costs of broadband have dropped huge amounts over the last few years. Also the benefits of getting broadband completely outweigh those of using dial up Internet access.

Dial up Internet connects to the Internet through a standard modem that can connect at a top speed of 56Kbps (standard broadband is 10 times faster than this and with many broadband providers offering 1mb and 2mb broadband you can connect to the Internet at up to 40 times faster than dial up Internet).

With dial up Internet the modem uses the same part of the telephone line that is used to make voice calls so the Internet and telephone cannot both be used at the same time.

Dial Up Internet is very slow compared to broadband, it take's approximately 2 minutes 41 seconds to download a 1mb file. Compare broadband speeds here.

If you are after a dial up internet provider then you will find many of the broadband providers listed on this site also offer dial up deals. A few examples are BT, AOL, Plusnet.

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