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If you want to know if you NEED broadband then you have to think that it isn't like food and water where you really do need them but instead a great tool that is available to you if you want. If you have Internet already and don't know if you need to make the change from dial up Internet to broadband then to be honest the prices are so similar between the 2 that it just makes logical sense to make the switch.

At the time of writing this, BT offer anytime dial up Internet access for 15.99 per month, they also offer 2mb broadband for £17.99 per month. So for £2 per month extra you can use the Internet up to 40 times faster than you can via dial up and also use the telephone line at the same time. Not only that, but broadband prices are continually dropping and the leading broadband providers are making better and more attractive deals available.

You may consider that you are quite happy with standard dial up Internet access, but for much faster speeds of surfing & downloading you are opening up more of the Internet to explore that was not previously really possible to do with dial up Internet access.

Do I need broadband?
Cost - The cost of broadband is continually dropping. You can get broadband from about just £10 per month.

Speed - Standard broadband is 10 times faster than dial up but broadband speeds are continuing to be increased with 8Mb available to many customers from their broadband providers. 24Mb broadband is available now with ADSL2+ and speeds of 50Mb are available from Virgin broadband as they use fibre broadband.
You can test your broadband speed to see what speed you are receiving.

Telephone & Internet - You can use both the telephone and the Internet at the same time without interrupting the service to either if you have broadband. No longer do you need to tie up the phone line or get another telephone line installed so calls can be made or received if the Internet is in use.

Mobile broadband - If you regularly travel around the country or don't have a telephone line but want or need Internet access then mobile broadband might be the ideal solution. Mobile broadband allows you a broadband connection from wherever your mobile broadband provider has network coverage. As the mobile broadband providers are run by the mobile phone companies then this means that you will have good network coverage all around the UK

To view what broadband deals are available try using our broadband comparison tool that allows you to compare a number of different broadband providers with the deals they have available.

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