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The Next Generation of high speed internet access is likely to come from Fibre Broadband that could deliver broadband speeds of around 100Mb!

Fibre Optic cable is used for high speed Fibre broadbandFibre Broadband (also known as Cable broadband) is slowly gaining momentum with the realisation that the UK is going to need this as the next step for high speed Internet access so as not to fall behind other countries.

Fibre Broadband uses Fibre Optic cable to deliver data and is able to deliver it faster and also much more of it than can be done with the existing copper wires currently in use.

We have seen in the last year how standard dial up Internet has been replaces by broadband and also how the need for faster broadband speeds has also increased dramatically from the early days when 512kb-1Mb broadband was standard to now where ADSL2+ offers theoretical broadband speeds of 24Mb.

Fibre Broadband is the next step in the evolution of broadband and high speed Internet and looks to be the only real way to be able to comfortably cope with users demands. As faster speeds become available people are needing far transferring far more data.

According to a report from the FCC, a single twisted copper pair can deal with 6 phone calls compared to a single fibre pair that can cope with 2.5 million phone calls!

Fibre Broadband, also known as FTTH (Fibre To The Home) is the fastest and makes the most use of Fibre. Other uses of Fibre are FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) where the Fibre takes the data to the street cabinets and then copper wire takes it the rest of the way, this offers less benefits and speed than FTTH as the copper wire does not offer the same speeds and bandwidth as fibre.

Fibre Broadband UK

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Virgin Media offer Fibre Broadband up to 50Mb speeds

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The largest UK Fibre broadband provider is Virgin Media Broadband who run their own fibre optic network that have started to offer broadband speeds of 50Mb.
BT have started to install their own fibre optic broadband network which they have called BT Infinity. BT Infinity will offer broadband speeds up to 40Mb.

News relating to Fibre Broadband
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Fibre broadband company H20 Networks change name to i3 Group - 30th January 2009

100Mb Fibre broadband live in March - 19th January 2009

Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadband - 15th December 2008

BT shareholders may want to stall on Fibre broadband rollout - 19th November 2008


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