Getting my line cleared: mission impossible!

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Getting my line cleared: mission impossible!

Postby alalgar on Fri May 11, 2007 1:09 pm

Due to unrelaible conection (often getting cut), low speed and pathetic user's support services, I cancelled my account with Wanadoo/Orange on March 29th. I called them to get my MAC but they said that having already cancelled my account I needed to wait 10 days untill the line was "cleared" before being able to order a new service with other provider. 10 days later the line seemed to be still uncleared. I was told that it would take another 5 days after what another 10 days were announced as the final day. The story has been like that until last Monday (May 7th!!!) when the line was "cleared" and I was able to order sevice with a new provider. During these two months I have been using a painfully slow dial-up conection with the server at my school. The telephone bill has now reached more than £200. I would like to know if I would be able to claim Wanadoo/Orange to pay for the calls to the server at my school in compensation for their delays in getting the line ready for a new broadband provider. Thanks.
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Postby Wardy on Fri May 11, 2007 2:12 pm

Hi there,
that must have been an annoying month or so. :(
In answer to your question I think Wanadoo/Orange would say that you should have requested your MAC code before you cancelled so the process was much smoother.
That said though I do always say "if you don't ask you don't get" so it might be worth ringing/writing to them to explain what went on and how it has now cost you financially, the worst they can say is no. :)

Personally I don't think you have any legal upper ground on them to make them pay but they may come good with something if you ask.

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