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OneBill>Tiscali phone line change

Postby bruckshaw on Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:48 am

I have Broadband with Tiscali and my phone line rental is paid to OneBill.

Since February I have been attempting to change to a Tiscali package for BB+Phone.

Tiscali seem incapable of getting my phone line rental changed to them but they will not say why.

I am about to complain to Ofcom as I suspect some kind of foul play here.

Anyone else had this problem?
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Re: OneBill>Tiscali phone line change

Postby snipjo on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:47 pm


It seems (after reading whichm watcgod, etc...forums) that Tiscali is really getting into trouble.
Personnally since my first subscription beg Sept. I am getting very upset and abused.

1) subscription to package including BB+talk anytime+phone line rental (29th August 08)-> advertsied at 14.99£/first 3 months, £19.99/m after
2) successive BB connection 15th Sept, 1st bill ~26£ + separate bill for BT line rental!
3) Complaints, calls etc... until the 31st Oct where line rental is finally transferred from BT to Tisacli (claim for refund of 2 months BT line rental made to Tisaceli + misleading advertising on prices)
4) November bill the line rental is added to my package price and call to Tiscali billing services charged, total ~£30
I am also encountering disruption of BB services since 3 days now.

I have already sent a letter of complaint with BT bill copy , Tiscali CoP mentions reply within 7days (not the case obviously)
I intend to make another file to send, what would be the best to do (contact, content of letter) to ensure I strenghten as much as possible the complaint? Have I the right to ask for the closure of account (and MAC) free of fees (even within 12months contract) provided that Tiscali is not ensuring his engagements?

Many thanks in advance for your support
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Re: OneBill>Tiscali phone line change

Postby gvb01 on Mon May 25, 2009 12:31 pm

Hi Snipjo,
On 31/10/08 I finally got my Tiscali Broadband package changed to "up to 8meg, all calls and inc line rental". It took me 19 MONTHS TO DO IT so don't hold your breath on it happening quickly. I enlisted the help of Ed Doolan who presents a consumer rights programme on Radio WM and I doubt that it would have been done without him. All was working and fine until yesterday!!!!!!! Yesterday I emailed Tiscali because my home phone had stopped working. They sent me a reply saying that I needed to talk to BT because it was their line. Included in this email is a paragraph informing me of the following, "Also I have checked and found that your line rental with Tiscali has been failed to transfer as there are some incompatible products on the line which do not allow the transfer of line rental to Tiscali. We are unable to proceed with the order. Modifying the network could impact the current phone service for an extended time period". As my phone has started to work again I am leaving well alone. It will be interesting to see next months bill.

I wish you luck.

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