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Broadband switch trouble

Postby SHAZZY1 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:38 pm

I have changed by broadband from orange to talktalk in April. When I contacted talktalk i was told that I didn't need to contact orange as they would sort it all out as part of the swicth over. I have now started receiving demands from orange saying that I own them money. I have talked to both companies on many occasions with orange saying that because i didn't contact them and ask for the mac code i still own them money, talktalk saying thats it's not there problem because they sorted it when they took over the line. Both of their customer serivce ( I call them that tongue in cheek) refuse to send me anything in writing and refuse to let me talk to they managers. Which leave me with a letter from a debt collect saying I own orange money. I want to know is if anything, what can I do now?
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