Can anyone please give me some advice?

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Can anyone please give me some advice?

Postby splashthepenguin on Thu Jul 12, 2007 5:57 pm

I was previously a onetel customer and due to all the great offers out there, I stupidly went over to SKY. I paid my connection fee of £40 in early may. I had trouble obtaining my MAC code from onetel but, once I had it I rang sky and gave it to them. I asked them what would happen and they said it would take a few weeks to migrate over. I asked if I would lose my service and they said that as I had my mac code I wouldn't but, if they had to get BT to do a sweep on the line to remove the tags then I would. They gave me BT's number in the event that I couldn't get my Mac code. I should have listened to the alarm bells then when I rang the number given for BT it was infact sky's own number!!
So, I waited, and last tuesday I go to go on the internet and nothing! So I think oh I wonder if it is because sky have taken over. They had advised me that they had to send a new router out which I hadn't received. I had nothing from them apart from a letter with a password on. I ring them up and I am told that I won't have broadband until they can get the router sent out which could be up to seven days. At this point I see red and ring Trading standards. They advised me to give them 7 days to sort it out. I haven't even had a contract or anything from sky might I add.
On saturday still no broadband and I am then told that they have sent the router out on saturday. The people on the "customer service" (what a Joke) have been really unhelpful and just appolgise. I have tried 3 times to speak to a manager but have been told that I'm not allowed!! Finally got the router on tuesday and guess what. My broadband wouldn't work. Rang technical help and was told that they would have to pass it on to the second stage of technical advise which could take a further 3-7 days for them to call me back. In the mean time I had to get someone in to sort it out for me. It is about the same speed as dial up. They have just called me back and apparently it is all my fault for being a customer! I was told that "it is common knowledge" that you lose your broadband for a minimum of 10 days when you change ISP. Oh Silly me!! As you can imagine I wasn't best chuffed at being patronised by someone on the end of the phone like that. I am livid as this service isn't free as they advertise but is costing me £17.99 a month!
Can anyone advise me of what the best plan of action is to kick some SKY butt??

I work in customer service and in all my years I have never been treated so bad by a company not even BT are that bad!!

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Postby Wardy on Mon Jul 16, 2007 12:24 pm

Hi there,
seems like you have been having a nightmare. It's a tough one to deal with really. You shouldn't really have lost your broadband connection I wouldn't have thought

I guess if you really wanted to not be with them then the best thing to do is cancel your broadband and maybe choose someone else?

1. You can cancel Sky Broadband within 8 working days of the later of delivery of your Wireless Router for Self Install, or your Home Installation (as applicable), and your Activation Date. Any cancellation must be in accordance with this notice.
2. You can cancel Sky Broadband by:
(i) calling 08705 515 515;
(ii) writing to Sky Subscribers Services Limited Customer Relations Department,
PO Box 99, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7PR;
(iii) sending a fax to 01506 484701; or
(iv) sending an email to
3. You must give your name, address, post code and customer number in order to cancel Sky Broadband.
4. You must keep any products that have been delivered to you safe for up to 6 calendar months from the date you cancel. Once they are returned, your esponsibility ends.
5. We will contact you to arrange return and will either supply reply paid packaging for the product to be posted to us or we will collect it. We will be entitled to charge you our direct costs for its return and/or set the costs of return off against any amount that we owe you.
6. This cancellation right does not affect your statutory rights. If you require any advice on your legal rights, you can refer to

If you choose Home Installation, a separate cancellation policy applies to this service which is contained in the Terms and Conditions of Home Installation (set out at the end of this Contract).

I know this is probably not what you really want to do as it could result in more time without internet and maybe losing money, but it is an option if you really don't wnat to be associated with them anymore?!

As for not being happy at paying £17.99 per month I can't really comment as I don't knwo which deal you have chosen with Sky?
The broadband is "free" but you are probably paying for your SKY TV subscription?

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Postby andyritchie on Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:32 am

Hi There,
Im sorry to hear all the trouble you went through, thats an absolute joke, I work in a retail store, so custoemr service si a priority, and obviously they dont care about the customer aslong as they get there money!

Personally, I would change broadband providers, I ahve just done this, I was actually with SKY believe it or not, and I found there broadband slow and not cost effective so have just changed.

I use and it helped me choose a different provider, Im with Virgin now, and its okay, not brilliant, but leat they help you!

Definately move from Sky, you may not want to or it is just more hassel, but do it out of principle for one, they shouldnt be allowed to treat you in that way!
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