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Free broadband in the UK has arrived with Talk Talk offering "free broadband forever" when customers sign up to their Talk3 International plan.

SKY Broadband have also launched offering free broadband to SKY Digital TV customers. They have a number of different packages.

Most broadband providers offer free connection and free modems/routers when you join them.

When joining a broadband provider if you want to keep the cost down then it is always worth checking to see if you can get a free connection and set up and also if you can get free hardware such as a modem or router. By doing this you can save yourself upwards of £100 when you join a broadband provider (although we must also state that just because a broadband provider is offering you free connection and free modems should not be the only consideration when joining up with a broadband provider).

Quite often the larger broadband providers can offer bet "free" things if you choose their service due to their larger budgets. Broadband providers such as BT Broadband, Tiscali broadband, aol sometimes offer more than just free modems and free connection but also some other free service or offer depending if they are running a promotion.

Becoming more and more popular now is offering free laptop with broadband deals from both broadband providers and mobile broadband providers. To help get those yet to sign up for any broadband provider and get them online for the first time and also allow those who may want a new computer/laptop these deals are proving popular, much as the free gifts offered to customers when lookign to buy a new mobile phone do.

We offer a Free broadband Checker and also a free tool to Compare Broadband Providers and also advice on how to get a free broadband speed test

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