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Free Laptop with Broadband

You no longer need to already have a computer or laptop if you want broadband, you can receive a free laptop with a broadband connection now with some broadband and mobile broadband providers.

So to save yourself money on needing a computer or laptop make the use of the offers from the mobile broadband providers and have one of their free laptops with broadband and you can be up and running in no time!

Before going down the route of joining a broadband provider or mobile broadband provider because they are offering a free laptop it is worth considering a few points.

In no particular order things to consider when looking to get a free laptop with broadband are:

Laptop Specification - Make sure that the laptop you are getting is going to be able to do all you need with it. If it is going to struggle with your applications now then it is likely to be very slow and struggling a year or two down the line. If you have never had a computer or laptop before then the chance are you are going to be a "light" user anyway and so the laptop could well be more than sufficient for the jobs you need it to perform.

Broadband contract length - The deal to get a free laptop usually means that you are going to be contracted to stay with the broadband provider for a set length of time, this is regularly 24 months (2 years). The broadband provider needs to be able to make money back from giving you a "free" laptop or a discounted one and so they need to tie you in to a deal that will cover a certain length of time for them to make sure they don't end up out of pocket. Also it is worth seeing how much more per month you will be paying for the deals with the free laptop than if you were just to take a broadband only deal, you may find that the difference over the length of time equals itself out to pay for the laptop. With that in mind though this can still be a great way to pay for a laptop over 2 years without having to pay for one upfront.

Broadband Deal - The broadband market is changing all the time, we now have the availability of fibre broadband offering 50Mb broadband speeds. When you look at the deal on offer you should think if in a year down the line this deal is still going to be OK or is it going to be outdated. If you join a mobile broadband provider now who is offering 1Gb data transfer per month now you may find that 1 year down the line they will be offering 10Gb for the same price or less, make sure that you try and "future proof" yourself so that your broadband speed and data transfer is going to be sufficient to cover your monthly needs for the next 18 to 24 months or however long the contract is for.

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