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To connect to a mobile broadband connection you need to have a mobile broadband modem, these tend to be small USB stick size devices that you can just stick into a USB slot on your computer or laptop.

Due to the fact that mobile broadband should be relatively easy and quick to use the broadband mobile dongles are very easy to transport.

Each of the mobile broadband providers have their own mobile broadband dongles that they will supply when you sign up to one of their services. Like standard broadband, they tend to offer and advertise the theoretical maximum broadband speed that you will be able to connect to the internet but as with broadband that is delivered down the phone lines this speed is usually less than what is advertised.

The different broadband speeds (Use our broadand speed test to check your broadband speed) on offer vary from each mobile broadband provider, and as has occurred with broadband in the UK these speeds on offer are likely to increase and become faster as the technology evolves and becomes more readily available.

Vodafone mobile broadband modemVodafone mobile broadband offer a mobile broadband dongle that can do a theoretical maximum speed of 7.2Mb. Their USB modem dongle is the same size as a USB memory stick and is currently only available to mobile broadband users who take an 18 month contract.

We have written a guide to TMobile broadband setup, showing the process and how quick and easy it actually is.

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