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Mobile Broadband is the name that is given to the 3G (third generation) services that allows mobile phone users to connect to the Internet and download and upload data.

Mobile Broadband in the UK is continuing to grow in popularity as prices continue to drop and the technology becomes more readily available. It's popularity will primarily grow amongst broadband users who are on the go and need access from different locations, such as business people or people who rent places to live and often move around so don't want to have to worry about getting an fixed land broadband connection that they may not be able to take with them when they move without hassle doing so. Mobile broadband means that whenever the user has a mobile phone signal they can connect to the Internet via a broadband connection such as on their laptop (some mobile broadband deals offer a free laptop with broadband), all they need is their mobile broadband subscription, a mobile broadband modem and network coverage from your mobile broadband provider.

Mobile Broadband is still a relatively new technology and is unlikely to replace home broadband connections anytime soon but with the way broadband is developing there is no reason to think that in the future mobile broadband won't become much more widely used and even start to replace some home broadband connections.
Another way where mobile broadband could become popular is for those people who do not have a landline in their home or those who don't make use their landline other than just for the Internet. Getting rid of a landline can save on monthly line rental charges that may not really need to be being paid.

Students can find that mobile broadband is an ideal way for them to have Internet access, many live in rented accommodation and need Internet access for research and study and also for keeping in contact with family and friends if they are living away from home.

MiFi (Mobile WiFi) is another recent technology that has developed off the back of the popularity and availability of mobile broadband. MiFi is a device that allows users to create a WiFi cloud from a mobile broadband 3G network connection. The device simply needs to be turned on and up to 5 devices that are within the radius (around 10 meters) can make use of the mobile wireless (MiFi) connection.

Mobile broadband speeds tend not to be as fast as standard wired broadband connections into the home, although in some cases where there may be a poor line quality and great distance form a telephone exchange then then mobile broadband could possibly be faster. Use our broadband speed test to see what speed your broadband is working at.

For those who do not want a lengthy mobile broadband contract then there are Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband and Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband deals available where users who may not need regular mobile broadband access can still make use of the technology.

3G technology makes use of HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) which is used to offer 3G Internet.

Currently there are 6 mobile broadband operators in the UK, these are from the big names in mobile phones:

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Vodafone Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile Broadband T-Mobile broadband

Three Broadband Three Mobile Broadband

O2 Mobile broadband O2 Mobile Broadband

Orange Mobile broadband Orange Mobile Broadband


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