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Broadband - Broadband Guide - Moving house & broadband

If you want to change your broadband to either a different telephone number or because you are moving house then your broadband provider will be able to assist with this transition.

Moving House and broadbandWhat you should do is contact your broadband provider with the details about your move or number change as soon as possible.
This includes details such as:
- date of move
- telephone number
- Post code
- House number

They will then be able to make arrangements to have your new broadband service ready and working for when you make the move or change.

You need to make sure that there is a BT telephone line installed at your new address for your broadband ADSL service to be enabled. If there is not then you will have to sort this out.

If you are moving and broadband is not available then you may be able to terminate your broadband contract with your broadband provider but you will have to check with your own individual broadband provider what their policy on this is.

When you do move you will most likely find that your broadband contract will continue to run. If you are 9 months into your broadband contract then in most cases if you move address you will continue and still have just 3 months left to run on it. It is unlikely that you will have to start a new broadband contract if you move house.

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