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Broadband - Broadband News - O2 Broadband tops the satisfaction charts again

O2 Broadband tops the satisfaction charts again

1st May 2009

Another broadband satisfaction survey has found O2 Broadband come out top with Virgin Media topping the bundled broadband charts

A customer satisfaction survey has found that O2 Broadband has come out top in the 6 satisfaction categories that were looked at.

O2 Broadband leads the way with customer satisfactionThe survey was done by website and they had more than 10,000 people give their opinions and votes, with only broadband providers who had more than 100 customers reply being entered into the results of the survey.

The six key satisfaction categories that were voted on were:
Quality & reliability
Clarity of pricing & billing
Good Value for money
Download time of files and web pages
After sales support
Speed of service activation

This latest satisfaction survey comes only around a month after one that was done by who found that O2 Broadband also came out top in 9 out of 11 categories in the survey they ran (view here).
O2 were relatively late players to enter the broadband market but appear to have found a winning formula to providing a service that keeps their customers happy.

Of the other broadband providers, PlusNet Broadband came in second behind O2 in 5 of the categories and third in another making them the clear second favoured broadband provider.

When it came to broadband bundled packages the leaders were Sky broadband with Virgin Media just behind them. Virgin broadband topped the charts for download times, much due to it's fibre broadband network that is now offering up to 50Mb broadband.

Author: Mark Ward
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