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Broadband - Broadband News - Wanadoo re-brand to Orange Broadband

Wanadoo re-brand to Orange Broadband

1st June 2006

Wanadoo re-brand to Orange Broadband

Wanadoo has today changed it's name and re-branded to Orange Broadband.
The move has come as France Telecom want to amalgamate all their services under the one brand, and with Orange being the most recognised brand this is what they have done.

Wanadoo re-brand to Orange BroadbandNot only will customers be able to get broadband from Orange but a number of other services too, with Orange already offering "free broadband" to customers who take out a mobile phone contract that is over £30 per month (although an 18 month contract is required).

There are 3 Orange Broadband deals available to customers, the first is the "Broadband Starter" that offers speeds of 1MB & 2GB bandwidth per month for just £14.99 per month. It also comes with a 30 day TRY initiative that allows customers to try the service without having to sign up to a minimum contract.
The next service is the "Broadband Plus" that gives 8MB broadband, 2GB bandwidth for only £17.99 per month.
There is also the "Broadband Max" service that is 8MB speeds with unlimited bandwidth (fair usage policy applies) for £27.99 per month and also comes with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.

This is the latest provider to be able to offer a number of communication services, we have already seen ntl buy up Virgin Mobile so they can offer "Quad play" services.

The providers are fighting for customers by offering increasingly attractive deals and the market is becoming increasingly competitive as the providers are trying to make their deals more attractive than their rivals. Talk Talk were the first provider to offer “free broadband” and we have now already seen other providers follow suit in a bid not to lose ground.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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