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T-Mobile Broadband is the fastest mobile broadband

2nd February 2009

T-Mobile broadband have topped an independent study into the speeds from the UK mobile broadband providers

An independent study into mobile broadband speeds has found that TMobile broadband for the second quarter in a row has offered users the fastest mobile broadband speeds

TMobile broadband tops mobile broadband speed testThe tests were done by P3 Solutions in Q4 of 2008 and they found that TMobile Broadband were 35% faster than the next nearest mobile broadband provider.
The upload speeds were also a huge 59% faster than their nearest competitor.

The reason for the huge lead over rivals is due to the early roll out of the latest HSUPA technology over their 3G network.

The test were undertaken throughout the UK and included the following everyday internet usage activities to help determine the results: browsing the most visited web sites, streaming video, downloading a 3MB music file, uploading a 1MB file and email performance with a 500KB attachment.
To give the most reliable results tests were only performed after 11am and before 11pm at night, seven days a week.

TMobile are also currently working on upgrading it's HSPDA 3G network in some areas (within the M25 & other major cities) to have a headline speed of 7.2Mb which could mean a realistic broadband speed of 4.5Mb.

This will be welcome news to the Government who released their interim "Digital Britain" report last week that wants mobile broadband providers to help make every part of Britain have a minimum 2Mb broadband internet access.

Author: Lucy Dunkerley
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