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Broadband - Broadband News - BT to get the go-ahead for fibre optic broadband

BT to get the go-ahead for fibre optic broadband

2nd March 2009

Fibre optic broadband should be a step closer as BT and Ofcom are set to agree the plans for the roll out of the next generation high speed network

Fibre Optic broadband should be a step closer this week as BT are set to get the go ahead from the telecommunications regulator Ofcom to build it's next generation high speed broadband network to serve over 10 million homes in the UK.

BT to get go ahead for fibre broadbandThe talks between BT & Ofcom have been ongoing as BT want to make sure that they are able to make a return on their 1.5bn investment in the fibre broadband that they will be installing to the cabinets (FTTC).

It is thought that it is going to take around 3 years for BT to roll out the new next generation network which will also be made available for wholesale use to other broadband providers to use via BT Openreach, it has been this point that BT have been wanting resolved to make sure that they are able to make sufficient profit for their hefty investment.

The UK only has one main cable broadband provider in Virgin Media at the moment and as Virgin Media's network is closed to other providers they are currently leading the way in being able to offer the fastest broadband speeds, with their latest product offering 50Mb broadband!

Currently the fastest BT can offer is 24Mb broadband via ADSL2+ but this still falls way short of Virgin Media broadband also what is required for the future.

Author: Lucy Dunkerley
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