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Broadband - Broadband News - O2 Home Broadband Access for those not on unbundled exchanges

O2 Home Broadband Access for those not on unbundled exchanges

2nd May 2008

O2 have released new broadband deals for those not on O2 Unbundled exchanges

O2 have announced that they are launching "O2 Home Broadband Access" to those people who live in areas where O2 have not got unbundled yet.

O2 broadband launch Home Broadband AccessUnbundled areas are where O2 have installed their own broadband equipment and can deliver your broadband over their own network. There are however areas that have not been unbundled yet and O2 are now going to still be able to offer you broadband but it will be being delivered over the BT Wholesale network until that area is unbundled.
O2 offer ADSL2+ technology where they have their own equipment installed which means they offer broadband up to 20Mb. The BT network can only offer speeds up to 8Mb (although this speed depends on your line quality and the distance form the local exchange).

Price wise it will cost 10 more per month to use the "O2 Home Broadband Access" over broadband delivered on O2's own network so prices start at 22.50 per month, although O2 mobile customers do still receive a 5 per month discount so this can be reduced to 17.50 per month.
The reason customers will have to pay more on the "Home Access" package is that O2 have to pay BT to use their wholesale network.

Those on the "Home Access" will still received no download limits (fair usage policy), Free UK customer service 24/7, O2 wireless box, McAfee security software, Enhanced email and messaging services and O2 contacts!

O2 Broadband are aiming to have their own equipment in 70% of exchanges across the UK by the end of 2008 so those not already on an unbundled network should hopefully eventually be able to be switched onto it before too long and save money.

Author: Mark Ward
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