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Broadband - Broadband News - Virgin to give free upgrade to 10Mb for 2Mb customers

Virgin to give free upgrade to 10Mb for 2Mb customers

3rd March 2009

Virgin Media broadband customers who are on the 2Mb broadband will receive a free upgrade to 10Mb as Virgin move to scrap the 2Mb broadband offering

Some broadband news that we are late reporting on is that of Virgin Media will be giving around 2.6 million of their cable broadband customers an upgrade from 2Mb to 10Mb broadband for free.
The free speed upgrade is set to take place in May and is another positive move from Virgin Media to make them the broadband provider offering the fastest broadband.

Virgin Media to upgrade 2Mb broadband customers to 10MbThis now puts Virgin Media broadband speeds at 10Mb, 20Mb & 50Mb. The 2Mb broadband will be wiped meaning the "slowest" broadband on offer from Virgin will be a healthy 10Mb.

Currently those on 2Mb broadband pay around £10 per month, after the upgrade the price is likely to increase slightly but will be less than the £14 per month that current 10Mb customers who also have a Virgin phone line are charged.

Virgin Media do have a traffic management system in place that monitors users downloads, currently on the Broadband L package (10Mb broadband speed), once the user hits the daily trigger level their broadband speed is reduced to 2.5Mb, so for any current 2Mb broadband users the upgrade looks brilliant because even if they do trigger the download limiter their capped speed will still be faster than their old 2Mb broadband connection. It is unknown if Virgin will revise these trigger levels or not at the present time but we canít see any reason for them to do so.

We are likely to see Virgin Media trying extra hard to get new customers onto their cable broadband services while they are the only ones able to offer the fastest speeds. With the news yesterday that it looks like BT are set to get the go-ahead to start the deployment of a new next generation fibre broadband network that will take up to 3 years to complete, Virgin will have this long where they are still able to offer the fastest speeds and get customers signed up to them instead. Virginís headline 50Mb broadband is currently their trump card over other broadband providers who are still only able to offer theoretical maximum speeds of 24Mb via ADSL2+ technology.

Author: Sheri Lea
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