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Broadband - Broadband News - BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone

BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone

4th September 2007

BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestone

BT Broadband has reached the four million customers mark for it's Retail broadband division.
This makes BT the first UK broadband provider to reach this milestone in this highly competitive market.

BT Broadband reaches 4 million broadband customers milestoneIn the UK BT say there are 15 million broadband connections with 11.5 million of these broadband connections running over BT's network.

The growth of broadband in the UK can be seen by looking back to June 2002 when BT had just 172,000 broadband customers, in the space of just over 5 years they have take it up to 4 million. This works out at 2000 new customers a day, with on average a new customers every 40 seconds! If you then try and factor in all the other broadband providers with these figures it will soon show that the number of connections per day across the UK will be far higher than this and connections will take place much more often than every 40 seconds.

The UK has 99.8% broadband coverage with over half now having a broadband connection in their home so there are still plenty of new customers that BT Broadband and the other broadband providers are still fighting for.

BT are trying to keep their dominant position and also lure new customers in to the broadband market with the launch of BT Vision which is a free digital TV service available to BT Total Broadband customers and it offers 40 Freeview Digital TV channels and also a range of pay-to-view programmes.

Author: Rob Cook
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