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Broadband - Broadband News - O2 Broadband finally set to launch

O2 Broadband finally set to launch

4th October 2007

O2 Broadband will officialy launch on 15th October 2007. O2 Mobile contract customers will receive the broadband services cheaper than non O2-mobile customers

O2 Broadband is finally set to launch after months of delays. October 15th is the date that users will be able to sign up.
Both O2 mobile customers and also non-O2 mobile customers are able to sign up to use O2 Broadband, but there is a discounted price for those customers who are on a pay-monthly O2 mobile contract.

O2 Broadband set to launchO2 bought BE Broadband last year for 50 Million and are able to offer faster broadband through their own LLU exchanges, meaning they can offer speeds of up to 20MB (the theoretical maximum would be 24MB but don't want to offer speeds that most likely will not be matched) as they have ADSL2+ technology installed.

There are 3 different deals available:
Below is the pricing for the broadband deals. O2 Mobile pay-monthly customers get the deals 10 per month less than those who are not an O2 mobile customer.
Although the deals offer unlimited usage there will be a fair usage policy in operation.
Standard Premium Ultimate
Cost (O2 Pay Monthly Customers)
Cost (non O2 Mobile customers)
Up to 8MB
Up to 16MB
Up to 20MB
Wireless Router
Customer service/ 24x7 technical support
McAfee Security and Parental controls

What is surprising is that O2 have set a target of just 1 million broadband customers by 2010 which is relatively modest considering they are the UK's largest mobile phone company with 17.8 million customers.

Author: Mark Ward
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