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Broadband - Broadband News - TalkTalk Free Broadband Forever exceeds expectations

TalkTalk Free Broadband Forever exceeds expectations

6th June 2006

TalkTalk Free Broadband Forever exceeds expectations

As we reported yesterday (Talk Talk in delays to "free broadband"), Charles Dunstone, Chief Executive of TalkTalk has announced the year end figures for TalkTalk to give an idea about the popularity of their "free broadband" offering.

TalkTalk free broadband exceeds expectationsSince the 11th April 2006 when the TalkTalk Free Broadband Forever deal was launched they have had 340,000 people sign up, this is a huge 170,000 more than they had expected to have received, proving how popular and ground break the "free broadband" idea was.

TalkTalk has received criticism due to the fact customer were told it would be June when they received their free broadband but as we reported yesterday there have been delays due to the volume of new customers meaning customers are having to wait longer than they were originally told.

There are currently around 100,000 customers receiving the free broadband.

The Talk3 International plan that gives customers free broadband costs customers 20.99 per month (a 29.99 set up fee applies) that includes line rental and customers receive unlimited UK Landline calls, unlimited International calls to 28 countries and the free broadband. Customers are required to sign an 18 month contract though.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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