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Broadband - Broadband News - AOL Broadband free laptop offer has full launch

AOL Broadband free laptop offer has full launch

6th September 2007

Consumers can now sign up to receive a free laptop from AOL if they take out a 2 year broadband contract with them

The free laptop offer from The Carphone Warehouse & AOL Broadband yesterday went live after it's successful pre-launch.
Originally 50,000 people registered on the initial pre-launch date around 7 weeks ago and this has seen the number of laptops being made available for the offer upped from the original 100,000 to 160,000 as the demand appears to be higher than originally expected.

AOL Broadband free laptop offer launchedAnyone wanting to get their hands on one of the free laptops will have to take out the new "Wireless Plus" broadband deal costing 19.99 per month for a minimum contract length of 24 months (2 years). Users receive up to 8MB connection and 40GB bandwidth, free wireless router and there is no connection charge.

The laptop is worth approximately 450 with customers able to upgrade to a 120GB hard drive for 49.99 or for 149.99 can get a faster processor.

Also available with the broadband are calls packages that are likely to be being used to help increase revenue, this includes a Pay-As-You-Go talk package which is included in the standard 19.99 per month, Evenings and Weekends talk with broadband costing 22.49 or Unlimited talk with broadband for 24.99 per month.

The Carphone Warehouse are the owners of AOL Broadband and also own TalkTalk.
TalkTalk shook the broadband market up in 2006 when they offered free broadband forever and now this latest AOL offer again is shaking up the broadband market again which shows The Carphone Warehouse are trying to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Author: Mark Ward
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