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Virgin Media broadband trial 200Mb broadband

7th May 2009

A 200Mb broadband trial has been started by Virgin Media to test the latest DOCSIS 3.0 technology and how true Wideband services may be embraced in the future

Virgin Media broadband have started a customer pilot test of 200Mb broadband via it's cable network. Utilising the next generation DOCSIS 3.0 technology Virgin broadband say that this is the fastest speed being offered in the world with the technology.

Virgin Media broadband launch 200Mb broadband trialThe pilot test will run for 6 months and has been rolled out to around 100 testers which includes Virgin Media staff and consumers in Asford, Kent.
Virgin want to see how true "wideband" services may be used and embraced by consumers in the future, such as for watching HD TV and used for home security and surveillance.
Those who have been selected to try out the 200Mb broadband were specially chosen as those who are tech savvy and have high-end PC's to make the most out of the broadband and many are believed to be those who helped Virgin test their 50Mb broadband before that was rolled out.

This is yet another big statement of intent from Virgin Media, even though they don't currently see that there is a demand for 200Mb broadband other than for commercial use they are already looking at it. With BT starting the roll out of their fibre network that is going to offer 40Mb broadband it looks like Virgin Media are wanting everyone to see that they are the fibre broadband provider who will be continuing to offer the fastest broadband speeds.

Author: Sheri Lea
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