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Broadband - Broadband News - UK Broadband subscriptions drop again

UK Broadband subscriptions drop again

7th November 2007

The number of new broadband subscribers in Britain looks like it will fall again marking a possible slow down in broadband take-up

New broadband subscriber numbers look like they will have fallen again in the last quarter between July and September 2007.

Point Topic, the market research experts, estimate that there will have been no more than 470,000 new subscribers in this last quarter, which is 40,000 less that the previous quarter of 510,000 new subscribers which again was a drop on the quarter before that.

Virgin Media are due to release their results today (7th November) & BT Broadband tomorrow.

One of the reasons for the slow down is the pool of dial-up subscribers that ISPs have used to convert to broadband is now very low, with many of those left on dial-up reluctant to switch to broadband due to their minimal use of the internet. It is estimated that there are now fewer than 2 million dial-up Internet subscribers.
New home subscriptions are also not materialising as ISPs would like either, with an estimated 10 million homes in the UK without any Internet access.

Broadband subscriptions in Britain are around the 15 million mark which leaves around 40% without broadband and leaves Britain in a state where there could become a "digital divide" which could result in slowing down social and economic progress according to Tim Johnson, chief analyst of Point Topic.

What should be said is that this isn't just a UK issue, as the growth across Europe has also showed signs of slowing too although France could overtake the UK and become the fifth largest broadband country in the world.

Author: Mark Ward
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