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Fancy Free Broadband for your Business from Orange

7th November 2008

Orange are offering free broadband for businesses for those who take out another deal

With the broadband industry currently being as competitive as it is, providers are trying everything to attract new customers. If you shop around it is possible to find some fantastic deals aimed at drawing you in. One of the best deals currently available is designed for businesses and the self employed.

Orange to offer free business broadbandOrange has designed the package, which costs just £30 per month, especially with business owners in mind. Known mainly for their mobile phone coverage, Orange has expanded their services to now include broadband access. The deal states that if you sign up for £30 per month on the Solo plan, you will get fixed line broadband access for your business absolutely free.

You will receive a free wireless router, unlimited downloads and 8Mbps of download speed. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also receive free customer support. As a business owner, you need a broadband package that is designed mainly for business use. You need to know that if something goes wrong with the connection, it can be easily fixed in a relatively timely manner. If you join an ordinary broadband service then repairs can often be slow. So business broadband is better tailored to your needs.

This deal is definitely good news for small businesses who are currently struggling thanks to the economy. By having free broadband it allows you to reach more customers, advertise your services and typically earn more profit all for free. What more could you possibly ask for?

Overall Orange is definitely the provider to beat for small businesses thanks to this new Solo plan. If you are self employed and you are currently struggling with your monthly broadband package then why not consider switching today?

Author: Aimee Lou
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