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Broadband - Broadband News - NTL to axe 6000 jobs

NTL to axe 6000 jobs

8th May 2006

NTL to axe 6000 jobs

NTL are set to reduce their UK workforce by up to 6000 over the next few years. The move comes as the company aims to save 250 million per year since it's 3.4bn merger with Telewest.

NTL to axe 6000 jobsThe combined workforce of the two companies is 17,000 and many of the lost jobs are going to be call centre jobs that are likely to be out-sourced to places like India and South Africa where there are substantial savings to be made using foreign work force than using a British work force.

The job losses are not just going to be call centre staff but are also likely to include some middle management and engineers.

NTL & Telewest have 8 call centres across the UK so it is likely a number of these will be closed in the move to reduce the number of employees. It is also thought that Telewests head quarters could also be one of the locations facing closing.

NTL who have also taken over Richard Bransons Virgin Mobile who are known for offering good customer service through their UK call centre but it is thought that it is unlikely these jobs are going to be affected.

As we have reported a number of times about the UK broadband & telecommunications market hotting up with stronger deals, broadband providers are having to tighten their belts as they are having to lower costs to customers to attract them to their service.

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