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Broadband - Broadband News - Carphone Warehouse launch free broadband with TalkTalk

Carphone Warehouse launch free broadband with TalkTalk

11th April 2006

Carphone Warehouse launch free broadband with TalkTalk

Carphone Warehouse free broadbandAs we reported yesterday "Carphone Warehouse to start broadband price wars" with their launch of free broadband with Talk Talk, today it has been officially announced.
Talk Talk who are owned by Carphone Warehouse are to offer "free broadband forever" when users sign up to the Talk3 International plan.

The Talk3 International plan will give customers
- Unlimited local and national landline calls, 24 hours a day
- Unlimited international landline calls to 28 countries, 24 hours a day
- Up to 8 Mbps broadband access

Talk Talk broadbandThe Talk3 International plan will cost consumers 20.99 per month and also a one off fee of 29.99 for connection.
The calling plan actually costs 9.99 plus the standard 11 line rental with the line rental being the same charge customers get billed by BT.

This is a big move in the industry and is likely to spark even more competitive broadband offers from other broadband providers in an attempt not to fall behind, many in the industry believe that this could be the start of a price war amongst broadband providers.

The first customers to go live with the new deal is expected to be in July 2006 with 70% of the UK population able to receive the service on offer.

The Carphone Warehouse actually envisage to make a loss of about 50 million on their broadband business in the first year with large levels of investment being used to create the Talk Talk infrastructure how they want it to be.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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