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Broadband - Broadband News - Ofcom consumer panel request changes to "up to" speeds

Ofcom consumer panel request changes to "up to" speeds

11th October 2007

Ofcom consumer panel request changes to "up to" speeds

Ofcoms independent consumer panel has sent out letters to the CEOs of the top 6 broadband providers in the UK to ask them to address the concerns of consumers about advertised broadband speeds to what they actually receive.

The main point is to do with the "speed up to" line that is advertised on most broadband deals. This "Up to" speed is regularly much higher that the actual speed consumers receive and they want this changing to give a more realistic speed that is likely to be received.

The consumer panel has asked the broadband providers to consider changing their advertising practice to follow the following guidelines.

- Advising customers what their likely connection speed would be to a specific line

- Extending the cooling off period so that customers can test out the connection speed before they sign a contract

- Allowing customers to exit from contracts if consumers experience speeds and quality well below the advertised speeds, and whose problems persist rather than be resolved by a technical solution, to exit from the contract early and without penalty.

The broadband providers who received the letter were Sky, BT, Carphone Warehouse (who own TalkTalk & AOL), Orange, Tiscali and Virgin Media.

It is hoped that the broadband providers will take on board and act on what they have been sent, from a consumers point of view it would help make the whole broadband sector less cloudy and much more consumer friendly.

Author: Mark Ward
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