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Broadband - Broadband News - Email wars between Virgin Media and BT

Email wars between Virgin Media and BT

12th May 2009

BT have sent out an email in response to one that was sent out by Virgin Media last week

We received an email last week from Virgin Media titled "It looks like BT's been beaten. Again."
Today we have received one from BT who are not too happy and have made their own response to the one Virgin sent out.

Virgin Media snet out an email about BT broadband last weekAnyway, instead of giving you a synopsis we will just show you what the emails said:

Email from Virgin Media, 7th May 2009:
It looks like BT's been beaten. Again.

When we heard about BT giving away 3 months' free, we couldn't help taking a closer look. And just look what we found....

Free broadband for a few months sounds great, doesn't it? But what are BT customers really getting?

* Up to 8Mb broadband* that slows down the further you live from the telephone exchange
* Downloads limited to 10GB
* A sticky 18 month contract
And that's not all. Now that BT's blocking certain streaming speeds, BT Option 1 customers are having to wave goodbye to watching BBC iPlayer's high quality programmes on their PCs. That includes top shows like Doctor Who, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and Robin Hood.
Don't forget - BT will be asking their customers to pay over £26 a month for this after the first three months!
So, what's the alternative?

* Speeds of up to 10Mb, no matter where you live (that's twice as fast as BT's 8Mb broadband)**
* Unlimited downloads***
* Unlimited calls to landlines every weekend****
* A basic 12 month contract
All for just £25 a month after any discount periods. All with Virgin Media.

And, instead of settling for BT's 8Mb, you can fire it up with fibre optic speeds of up to 10Mb,20Mb or even 50Mb in some areas! Even if you're not in a fibre optic area, you can boost your broadband to a speedy 16Mb free for the first 3 months, and just £5 a month after that.

So, it looks like Virgin Media customers have got a pretty sweet deal with us. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

BT broadband respond to the Virgin Media emailThe response from BT:

Email from BT, 12th May 2009:
You might have seen an email from Virgin saying that BT had been beaten. We're sure you'd recognise that a virgin to any business wouldn't know when someone had really been beat.

And here's why:

It's not true that BT 'blocks' certain streaming speeds, we optimise them at certain times only to ensure customers get the best possible experience. All ISPs do this, even virgins have a fair-usage policy.

Do you really think we would stop people watching Doctor Who, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and Robin Hood on iPlayer? We don't. You can watch whatever programmes you want on iPlayer, whenever you want, whatever BT Total Broadband Option you're on.

With BT Total Broadband Option 1 customers get a stylish BT Home Hub with 'N' wireless technology, giving a greater wireless range, better connection throughout homes and with less chance of drop outs or dead zones. With Virgin you'll only get this if you spend a lot more.

Virgin lists unlimited calls at weekends to landlines as an alternative to BT. It certainly is, with BT Broadband Talk you get free calls to landlines at weekends and evenings!

If you're out and about BT Total Broadband goes with you, with free access to any of the 250,000 BTFON hotspots around the world. And even more good news about being on the move: we give customers up to 1GB of usage a month for the duration of their broadband contract with our new BT Mobile Broadband Dongle.

…and as for a sticky contract? Many Virgin customers ask us how they can get out of their glutinous contracts…

BT broadband speeds are going up all the time. We'll soon be offering up to 20Mb nationwide, not just in certain areas. And BT is working on offering up to 100Mb nationwide in the future, when the broadband industry has worked out what could be done with up to 100Mb!

Author: Mark Ward
Copyright: -

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