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Broadband - Broadband News - Orange Mobile broadband launch Eee PC laptop offer

Orange Mobile broadband launch Eee PC laptop offer

14th August 2008

Orange Mobile broadband are offering an Eee PC for users who sign up to a 24 month mobile broadband contract

Orange have launched a laptop offer to entice mobile broadband users to choose Orange Mobile broadband for 25 per month.

Orange Mobile broadband offer Eee PC laptop offerThe laptop is one of the ultra compact Eee PC which is an ideal laptop to take out and about as it is so small and light.

To get the laptop users will have to sign up to a 24-month mobile broadband contract at 25 per month. The user will receive the compact Eee PC, free Orange Mobile broadband dongle, 3GB usage, 100 free texts fromm your laptop and up to a 1.8Mb connection speed.
Anyone not wanting the laptop can get the same deal above but without the free text messages for 15 per month on an 18-month contract.

The Asus Eee PC has 16GB of memory, Windows XP, 1024Mb RAM, 8.9" screen, Wireless enabled, Battery life 2.5 hrs, 2 year warranty and weighs just 0.99kg!

Many users will be enticed by the offer, having the chance to get a new laptop now that you in effect pay back over the next 2 years at 10 per month.
Personally though, with mobile broadband still at a relatively early stage and with it developing quite fast there is a risk that in 12 months time you could be paying more for an inferior mobile broadband deal as it is likely that in the next year more attractive mobile broadband deals will become available.

Author: Mark Ward
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