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Broadband - Broadband News - Vodafone announce "Broadband at Home"

Vodafone announce "Broadband at Home"

14th November 2006

Vodafone announce "Broadband at Home"

Vodafone has announced what their broadband deal is going to be in what was a move that has been expected for some time as other UK mobile telecommunications companies are either in or have a presence in the UK broadband market, such as Orange, O2 (who own BE) & Virgin Mobile.

Vodafone announce "Broadband at Home"The Vodafone broadband deal, named "Vodafone at Home" will be made available on 8th January 2007 to Vodafone customers who have a mobile contract with them.
Customers will receive up to 8MB unlimited broadband (fair use policy applies) and inclusive landline calls at anytime to any UK landline (limited to 60 minutes per call), as well as 25% off calls to mobiles for a cost of 25 per month.

Vodafone will be utilising BT Wholesales network meaning that they will have a 97% coverage of households in the UK.

The contract is an 18 month contract and runs separate to the customers mobile phone contract, however if a customer ends their mobile phone contract while they are on the Vodafone Broadband deal they will then have to pay 35 per month as apposed to the 25 per month customers who have mobile contracts will pay.

Vodafone are like most communications companies are trying to get users to take out multiple services with them in a bid to offer better deals to customers.

Vodafone At Home customers will receive:
Free connection from January
Free market-leading Norton Internet Security 2006 software for six months including:
- anti virus
- anti spam
- parental controls
Free guaranteed Netgear Ethernet modem
10 email addresses
Three free microfilters
Optional wireless Netgear router for 25

Quote from Vodafone press release:
"The way we're packaging and delivering Vodafone At Home ensures our customers get the best experience when they buy broadband," says Tim Yates, Director of Vodafone UK's Consumer Business Unit. "With our managed roll-out and commitment to customer service we are confident that we will be able to manage demand.

By working with BT we will be providing a market-leading mix of quality, value and service. Vodafone at Home will provide nationwide broadband coverage from day one, as well as offering the flexibility and convenience of going wireless at home and being able to access the internet on laptops when out of the home on Vodafone's 3G broadband network.".

To utilise this 3G network Vodafone At Home Customers will be able to buy the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem for 58 (half the normal retail price). A monthly fee of 29 will allow them to use Vodafone's 3G broadband network when away from home from their laptop.

Author: Broadband Watchdog
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