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Broadband - Broadband News - Carphone Warehouse off Tiscali shortlist

Carphone Warehouse off Tiscali shortlist

15th May 2008

Tiscali have taken The Carphone Warehouse off its shortlist of companies who are still in the running to buy them

The Carphone Warehouse (CPW) have been removed from the short-list of companies who Tiscali are looking to sell to.
A four hour board meeting concluded that 6 of the 7 companies that put initial offers in to buy Tiscali were still left on the list with just CPW been removed.

Tiscali make list of potential buyersCPW are the third largest UK broadband provider, if they did manage to buy the Tiscali broadband customers it would shoot them up into top spot as the largest UK broadband provider.

The Carphone Warehouse removed from Tiscali shortlistIt is believed an offer of 550 million was put forward by CPW for Tiscali UK, however from what we hear the offer may have been rejected due to Tiscali not wanting to split up it's operations like CPW were after.

CPW last week said that they are to get 1.1 billion in a deal with US consumer electronics retailer Best Buy in a joint European venture.
This money could possibly be used to increase CPW offer and put them back on the shortlist.

Other companies apparently on the shortlist are Vodafone, BT and also BSkyB

Author: Mark Ward
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