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Broadband - Broadband News - O2 Broadband launches today

O2 Broadband launches today

15th October 2007

O2 Broadband launches with a 100-day money back guarantee and discount for O2 Mobile customers

O2 Broadband has today launched, just like we reported on last week and they have come in with some competitive offers.
O2 Broadband launches todayTo begin with, any O2 Mobile phone contract customers will receive a 10 discount on the broadband charges, meaning that they can receive an "up to 8MB" broadband connection with unlimited downloads (fair use policy applies on all the deals) for just 7.50 per month, a 16MB connection costs 10 and the 20MB connection comes in at just 15 per month.

Any customers signing up before 31st January 2008 will also receive free connection and a free O2 wireless box comes free as standard.

What O2 have done extra is to offer a 100-day money back guarantee for any customer who signs up before the end of January 2008, hopefully this is an indication of how confident O2 are about their broadband offering. Any customer who does want to end their O2 Broadband contract early (12 month minimum contract) and are outside of the 100-day money back guarantee can pay a one off fee of 50 to end their contract.

On top of all this, customers will be able to use a free UK customer support number and also receive McAfee security for up to 3 computers in the home.

O2 own broadband provider "BE Broadbandwho have their own ADSL2+ equipment installed in telephone exchanges meaning they can offer the faster broadband speeds, although it is only available to around half of UK households at present they are continuing their roll-out across the UK and O2 obviously will use this same equipment to deliver their broadband where possible.

Author: Mark Ward
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