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Broadband - Broadband News - Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadband

Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadband

15th December 2008

Virgin Media have launched their 50Mb XXL fibre broadband package

Virgin Media have today officially launched their 50Mb broadband service to the UK.

Virgin Media launch 50Mb fibre broadbandIt was no secret that this was coming and we expect a huge song and dance to be made from Virgin Media about it as this puts them head and shoulders ahead of most other UK broadband providers in terms of broadband speeds, this is possible as Virgin Media is based on Fibre Optic cable and not copper wires like is provided by BT Wholesale to most other UK broadband providers.

The new 50Mb broadband service will be known as "XXL" and will cost 51 for just the broadband. If you take the Broadband and the Phone double package it will cost 35, although there is also 11 a month for a Virgin phone line.

For anyone wanting to order this new package there is currently availability to areas in Scotland, the Midlands and South London and by the end of 2008 it should be available to around 40% of the network. The remaining 12.6 million homes covered by Virgin Media can expect to receive coverage from the end of December to Summer 2009.

There will also be a 50 activation fee to get the XXL package although users will also receive a Wireless N router.

Virgin are also offering unlimited usage (although there is a Fair Usage Policy in place) which would suggest that they are quite comfortable to be able to cope with the high usage users are likely to put on their fibre network.

Virgin have now placed themselves at the front of UK broadband by being the first UK broadband provider to offer fibre broadband at much increased speeds than ADSL providers are able to offer.

Author: Mark Ward
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